An Amazing Stop Motion on Kyteman’s “Pitch Black Darkness” Soundtrack

The stop motion video is created by Geert Bal and Paul Van Aarle. They created by the inspiration of Kyteman’s great song “Pitch Black Darkness“, who is a Dutch musician who, assisted by a real orchestra, musical styles like hip hop and jazz mixes. Geert Bal and Paul Van Aarle created this animated video with a budget of 20 euro and 3 months of hard work and it was made about 3000 pictures for this stop motion video. They also got permission from Kyteman to use this track for their stop motion animation.

Its really a nice story of a vampire who doesn’t like day light, so the funny vampire turns the whole world to dark by using his vampire brain. Its a very nice stop motion animation by Geert Bal and Paul Van Aarle. Now watch the video.

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