Augmented Fitting Room using Kinect

Its really a happy news for ladies those who are freaks in buying clothes. I’ve seen ladies practically carry a full laundry load of clothes to try on in the fitting rooms, spending hours trying on racks of clothing. This always happens in T-Nagar Saravana’s stores, Chennai. But hereafter ladies no need to carry all their cloths to fitting room, instead they had a virtual fitting room which is installed in TopShop, Moscow.

This is made possible by using Microsoft Kinect. By using hand gestures, users can easily scroll through all of the clothes available in the shop. This featured installation is created by AR-Door of Moscow, Russia.

It’s kinda like those funny character caricature boards in amusement parks where you stand behind, stick your head in, and snap a picture. It’s the same thing here, except you’ll look like an idiot waving your hand around and thats it!!!

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