Google Chrome Icon Project

Here is the most creative, inspired and astonishing ideas of building Google Chrome Icon which are now featured on Google & YouTube. This project is announced by Google Chrome for the people who have innovative, creative ideas and to bring their ideas in building Google Chrome Icon with different material and submit it to Google. But it all got over a long back, but still the link is open to all to submit their videos. Click the link to submit your Google Chrome Icon Project

Some of the videos submitted by the innovators so far.

Magnets by Tyson Kartchner

Cake by Effie Seiberg

Google Chrome Bento Box by Derek Lieu

Google Chrominos made from dominos by Flippycat

Ball Pit by Minoja Wijewardene, Alex Ainslie, Leo Baghdassarian, Leo Deegan, Kevin Damm, & Nicholas Seckar

Spoons by Anna-Christina Douglas & Jason Toff

Umbrellas by Zhimin He, Wu Li, & Yuan Zhuge

Cars by Yoah Bar-David

Balloons by Anna-Christina Douglas & Jason Toff

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